About Us

We pride ourselves on our friendly, supportive atmosphere at the club. We take our swimming sessions seriously and aim to get the most out of our swimmers with a friendly, approachable attitude to swimming.

How to Join

Entry Age

We welcome new swimmers from all ages. We accept learn-to-swim members from the age of five as long as they can touch the bottom of the pool (1.2m). If you are under this age and height limit the club does hold a waiting list for swimmers wishing to join the club.
Please contact our head coach on our Joining Us page if you have any questions or feel like having a go!

Prices and Sessions

We have a varied schedule to accommodate all swimming levels and needs.
Learn To Swim – For those looking to start swimming at a young age this is the perfect place and great value for money. Your child will be taught to swim by qualified teachers. Prices start at just £13 per month for one width session per week or if once a week isn’t enough then for £16 you can double it! As swimmers learn to swim and develop their technique they will progress through the stages. They are assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure they are at the right level for them.

Development – Once swimmers have gained the necessary technique in all four strokes they will move to our length sessions. One length session per week comes to only £20 per month and this is where they will work more on technique and stamina to prepare for galas and competitions, if this is the route they wish to take.

Squad Development – If the aim is to compete, whether swimming galas or training for another sport then this is the best option. For an extra £5 per month swimmers will have two length sessions. They will train for improved fitness, technique and power. This is where our squad swimmers train.


Learn To Swim – One Session Per Week – £13

Learn To Swim – Two Sessions Per Week – £16

Development – One Session Per Week – £20

Development – Two Sessions Per Week – £25

Development – Three Sessions Per Week – £34

Competing With Us

Four Seasons – This competition is for swimmers U12 and is the perfect way for our novice competitors to get to know what a gala is all about in a relaxed atmosphere. This is an invite only series set up specifically for the purpose of giving our youngest swimmers an informal introduction to competitive swimming.

The Winter Series – A more competitive but still friendly competition for U11 upwards. It is run between four clubs, by invite only.

Cotswold League Series – This is our most competitive series, we swim against teams from across the South West and Wales. Swimmers from U11 upwards are involved and in the 2012/2013 Series we reached the ‘A Final’ where we placed 8th out of 20 teams. Many of these are much larger swimming clubs than us.

Monday swimming at Brean Splash – This is for Cotswold Team swimmers who want extra training. Selection for training is done by the coach once the Cotswold Team is known for the year. Training is stamina based endurance training to add to the skills learnt on Tuesday/Thursday evening.

If you are selected for Cotswold and fancy some extra training then contact the Coach.

Open Meets/Cat 2 Swimmers – Open Meets are held throughout the year in the South West and we as a club try to enter at least one a month outside of gala dates. To enter an Open Meet you must be a Category Two swimmer so we can register you with the ASA.

Selection for Open Meets is done by the coach based on your times/gala results. There are Level 1 (Highest)– 4 (Lowest) meets at Short course (25m) & Long Course (50m) and each may have a qualifying time and a too fast time. The aim would be to qualify annually for the County Championships which leads to the Regional Championships but most importantly to better you as a swimmer and set new Personal Best Times.

If you wish to enter Open Meets please contact the coach for further information

Our Code of Conduct


Treat all members of the club with due respect including: Fellow Swimmers, Coaches, Officials and Volunteers.

Treat all competitors and representatives from competing clubs with due respect.

The use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment, discrimination or physical violence will not be tolerated and could result in action being taken through the club disciplinary or child welfare policy.

Swimming sessions

Arrive in good time before the start, be on poolside at least 5 minutes before your session.

Have all your equipment with you, i.e. paddles, kick boards, hats, goggles etc.

Use the lavatory before training begins and always inform the coach if you need to leave the poolside during your session.

Listen to what your coach is telling you.

Make sure you have not eaten at least an hour before your session.


You must swim events and galas that your coach has entered/selected you for unless agreed otherwise by prior agreement with the relevant club official.

Warm up before the event, prepare yourself to race.

Be part of the team, stay with the team on poolside. If you leave for any reasons you must tell the coach/team manager where you are going.

Make sure you go to the marshalling area in plenty of time, take you hats and goggles etc with you.

Support your team mates, everyone likes to be supported.

You must wear the club uniform and hats when representing the club.

After your race report back to the coach/team manager for feedback.

The club operates a No Smoking Policy

Consumption of Alcohol is forbidden at all training sessions, travelling to, from and during competitions and events. unless permission has been given from the Team Manager/Lead Coach.

You must report all medication taken and injuries to your coach prior to all sessions. swimmers are forbidden to use any sport enhancing drugs or drugs listed in the Sports banned substances list.

Poolside Staff

Put the well-being, health and safety of members above all considerations including developing performance.

At all times adhere to the ASA Code of Ethics, Rules and Law, ASA Child safeguarding policy and procedures.

Complete a CRB Check

Treat all swimmers with respect and dignity, value their worth and treat everyone equally, recognising their needs and abilities within the context of their sport.

Always ensure that all teaching, coaching and competition programmes are appropriate for the age, ability and experience of the individual swimmer.

Be fair and equal in team and training squad selections.

Never exert undue influence to obtain personal benefit or reward. In particular, poolside staff must not use their position to establish or pursue a sexual or improper relationship with an athlete or someone close to them.

Continue and seek and maintain their own professional development in all areas in relation to coaching and teaching children.

Encourage all swimmers to obey the spirit of the rules and laws both in and out of the pool.

Co-operate fully with other specialists (e.g. other coaches, officials, sport scientists, doctors and physiotherapists) in the best interest of the swimmer.

Observe the authority and the decision of the officials and only question those decisions in the appropriate manner.

Refer all concerns of child safeguarding nature in line with the club/ASA safeguarding children policy.

You must wear the club uniform provided to all training sessions and competitions.

You must have sessions prepared in advance of the session.

The club operates a No Smoking Policy

Consumption of Alcohol is forbidden at all training sessions, travelling to, from and during competitions and events. unless permission has been given from the Team Manager/Lead Coach.

The use of medication and sport enhancing drugs in forbidden in the club.

The ASA and British swimming are governed by UK Law and will seek to ensure that its participants are committed to addressing its responsibilities under the sex discrimination act 1975, Race relations act 1976, Race relations (Amendment) Act 2000, Disability discrimination Act 1995, Human Rights Act 1998, Disability discrimination act (Amendment) 2005, Equality Act 2006.

All club volunteers must address this responsibility to support equality, diversity and inclusion in our sport.

Photography Policy

The following relates to photography and video images used by Burnham on Sea Swimming Club:

Recording images: Burnham on Sea Swimming Club may record at training sessions, competition and development events in which competitors participate and general images of swimmers will form part of the information the Club hold and use.

In addition to the purposes for general information set out above, Burnham on Sea Swimming Club may use these recordings and images for the purposes of education and training, swimmer analysis, performance, development, selection and event promotion. If you have any concerns with children being photographed at Burnham on Sea Swimming Club. Please refer to the ASA Wavepower document and complete and supply a Refusal of Consent form to the Club Coach.

Child Protection

Burnham on sea Swimming club follows the A.S.A. guidelines set out in the current ASA Wave Power and Safe Guarding Swimming Handbook. The club requests that all volunteers working on poolside are to be CRB Cleared. Volunteers in the club are also asked to attend a CCUK Child Protection Course.

If you have any questions regarding welfare issues in the club, please speak to either of the Welfare Officers. (Updated November 2009)