Cotswolds Past Results

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Cotswolds Past Results

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Round 1: 18th January 2020 - Brockworth

Scores: Brockworth 168, Bristol North 127, Burnham-on-sea 122, Cheltenhan 100.

Great 1st Cotswold result against 2 teams from last year A finalists + Bristol North who beat us by 42 points this time last year.

Thank you to Simon, Phil, Andrew, Sam, Zoe, Oriole, Lewis, Katie B & all the swimmers + parents…. Onto Round 2!!

Round 2: No Info

Round 3: Cancelled due to COVID-19

Round 4: Cancelled due to COVID-19

Final: Cancelled due to COVID-19

Round 1: 12th January 2019 - Bristol

Scores: Bristol Henleaze 171; Bristol North 133; Bristol Penguins 121; BOS 99.

4 x 1st places, 2 x 1st time swims, 2 x DQs, the results how hard this gala was as the team that won Cotswold A last year came 3rd in this gala.

On to Round 2, thank you to all who swam and supporters, Simon, Jayne, Phil, Vicki, Sam, Sarah and Ellie for judging and helping poolside. Parents who changed your plans to drive to Bristol, thank you from a very grateful Coach (swim coach not driving coach!)

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Round 2: 16th February 2019

Scores: Backwell 150, Bath Dolphin 146, BOS 111 & Cwmbran 109.

A great come back after being 4 points behind Cwmbran with 10 events to go! 5 1st places, 2 speeding tickets and large PBs for Ollie C and Belles P, 0 DQs.

Thank you to Phil, Jayne, Lesley, Sarah, Vicki, Sally, Sam & all swimmers, parents and supporters. Cotswold 3rd round is at Brean on 16th March. Well done everyone x

Round 3: No Info

Round 4: No Info

Final: No Info

Round 1: Bath

No Info

Round 2: 18th February 2018 - Cwmbran

Scores: Cwmbran 158, BOS 153, Dursley 108.

Round 2 of Cotswold Series at Cwmbran last night, a long journey at the end of half term but a good 2nd place after leading for most of the event.

A massive 25 1st places, 1 DQ, 11 PBs, 12 1st time swims. Thank you to Vicki, Sam, Phil, Simon, Sally, Kelly, Captains & Vice Captains for supporting the team and also to all our spectators for raising the roof with your cheering.

Round 3: 10th March 2018 - Brean Splash

Scores: Bristol Penguins 177, Clevedon 140, Brockworth 112, BOS 95.

7 1st places, 2 1st time swimmers, PBs to follow. A good tough home gala against the top two teams in the Series.

Thank you to Simon, Kelly, Dave, Phil, Jayne, Kirsty, Vicki, Heather, Tracey, Tia, Zoe, Sally, Lewis, Ellie and Sarah.

Round 4: No Info

Final: No Info

Round 1: 14th January 2017 - Wells

Scores: Cheltenham 143, BOS 131, Wells 121 and Bristol Penguins 95.

Well done tonight everyone a great 2nd place result.

We had 17 1st places, 11 PBs and 4 DQs. Thank you to all helpers, judges and volunteers.

Round 2: 18th February 2017 - Brean Splash

Scores: Wellington 156, Bristol 144, BOS 129 and Dursley 77.

Great night tonight at Brean Splash at home Cotswold Series 2nd round gala with Bristol Henlease, Dursley and Wellington. Thanks everyone for a great atmosphere and hard fought gala.

BOS had 8 1st places, 2 DQs, 14 PBs. Well done all, every point counts!

Thank you to all the volunteers, it’s fun to volunteer check out the ladies on the recording desk, way too much time on their hands with my phone. Thanks all.

Round 3: 4th March 2017 - Cheddar

Scores: Cheddar 153, BOS 133, Brockworth 130 and Norton Radstock 98.

12 1st places, 14 PBs, 1 club record Ethan Reddish 9/u 25m Frontcrawl, 1 DQ and 2 first time Cotswold swims.

Highest points so far this series, thank you to Simon for Officiating, Phil and Sam Reddish and Ellie for helping and well done to all swimmers, a great result!

Round 4: 25th March 2017 - Cinderford

Scores: Cinderford 155, Bristol North 133, BOS 124 and Lydney 93.

Round 4 of the Cotswolds Series, long journey to Cinderford, thanks everyone for making the effort.

11 1st places, 14 PBs, 1 First time swim and 1 DQ. Thank you to Simon, Kelly, Phil, Sally, Sarah, Vicki and all travelling supporters. Now onto the final!!

B Final: 23rd April 2017

Scores: Bristol Penguins 248, Bristol Henleaze 199, Cinderford 184, Bridgwater 177, Brockworth 148 & BOS 135.

A massive well done to all swimmers who swam in last night’s B Final of the 2017 Cotswold Series galas, you were all absolutely fabulous!

3 1st places, 1 speeding ticket, 8 PBs & NIL DQs. Based on our results from the 2016 B Final we closed the gap on points to Brockworth by 22 points.

All the training has paid off, we were just very unlucky to swim about some very strong Bristol teams. We qualified 3rd in the B Final which is also an improvement on last year. All this means is that you should all be very proud of yourselves and Mark says thank you for your commitment.

Thanks must also go to Vicki, Sally, Shaun, Simon, Ollie, Sarah, Phil and all our travelling supporters – thank you all.

Finally, another Open Boys team comes to an end, Morgan & Nathan will be at University next year and Chris will be in his 2nd year. Lewis has promised he will be here for another 8 years, or at least that’s what I think he said!!! Well done everyone xxxxx

Round 1: 16th January 2017 – Lydney

We achieved 10PBs, 4 first time swims and 5 first places. Well done all and thank you to all parents and officials for supporting us….. Oh and massive congratulations to our very own Amy Young on her engagement to Jim.

Round 2: 6th March 2017 – Brean

BOS achieved 9 1st places, 12 PBs in individual events, 1 1st time swim and only 2 DQs. An increase of 16 points on the last Cotswold gala against two very strong Bristol teams. BOS would like to thank our visiting teams for a great gala, fantastic atmosphere and well fought events. We would also like to thank all our volunteers who supported the event and special thanks to Amy Young who was attending her last gala for BOS and worked hard as the Chief Timekeeper, we will miss you. We now go into the next round on the 19th March at Cwmbran with a lot of confidence, Mark could not decide a swimmer of the night because there were so many which is testiment to the effort put in by all, which is all we can ask. Keep swimming well, train hard and these are the results that will materialise, thank you all swimmers for making us all very proud to be associated with BOSSC.

Round 3: 19th March 2017 - Cwmbran

Scores: Wellington 188, Cwmbran 129, BOS 109, Minehead 90.

Well done team on your 3rd place tonight, looks like you are enjoying the trip back!

5 1st places, 12 PBs, 1 1st time swim, 0 DQs, great swimming from a young and inexperienced team helped by some outstanding swimming by our more experienced swimmers.

Thank you to all officials, team managers, parents, grandparents and swimmers for your support. Onto the next round on 23rd April at Bristol North.

Round 4: 24th April 2017 – Bristol North

Scores: Cirencester 142, BOS 120, Norton Radstock 117, Bristol north 116.

Best result this year & 2 speeding tickets.

Great swimming from all, thank you to Simon, Kelly, phil, Vicky, Sara, Sally, Ellie and Shaun for helping.

Thank you to all supporters for the cheering onto a great result.

B Final: 21st May 2017 – Bristol

Scores: Cwmbran 142, Norton Radstock 145, BOS 155, Brockworth 190, Cheltenham 213, Backwell 220.

8 X 1st places, 2 X DQ, 2 X speeding tickets. Great swimming qualified 6th came 4th!!! Support all night was deafening.

Thank you to Simon, Vicky, Sarah, Kelly, phil, Sally & Ellie for helping.