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This page contains all the needed information for our safe return to the pool during Covid-19. This will be continually updated with the latest information on how the sessions will look once we return.

Covid Officer - Oriole Harris
Deputy Covid Officer - Zoe Payne

Session Times:

• Monday: 6.30-7.30PM (Squad) – Permanent move to Wednesday 6.30-7.30PM

• Tuesday: 6.30-7PM (Learn To Swim) – No Changes – 7-8PM (Junior Squad) – No Changes – 8-9PM (Squad) – No Changes

• Thursday: 7-7.30PM (Learn To Swim) – No Changes – 7-8PM (Junior Squad) – No Changes – 8-9PM (Squad) – No Changes

All swimmers (Learn to swim and squad)

  • Entering poolside – Swimmers must arrive ready to swim and will enter poolside via the Family Changing Rooms, all swimmer age 12 and over must wear a mask when transitioning from the pool reception to the main pool.
  • Track and Trace – On arrival you must check into the track and trace app, scanning the QR code with the NHS Track and Trace app on your phone.
  • Chlorine – The risk of transmission of Covid-19 is reduced due to chlorine in the pool and we have been notified by Brean Splash that they have increased the chlorine balance in the pool in line with Swim England guidelines
  • Goggles – We will not be able to provide goggles or help them put hats or goggles on. Hats and goggles will need to be brought to sessions and put on by parents before entering the pool
  • Equipment – Floats and woggles will still be provided but you have the option to use your own if you would prefer. Please label all equipment if you do this.
  • No new swimmers will join our Learn to Swim / squad programme for at least the first month
  • End of sessions – Swimmers must dry off on poolside and put clothes on over swimsuits / trunks before leaving the building through the spectator exit
  • Property lockers – No lockers are to be used. For Learn to Swim swimmers, all clothing & bags must be kept with parents. For squad swimmers, bags must be left by the side of the pool

Learn To Swim:

  • Tadpoles & Frogs – Swim England guidance states that we CAN have teachers in the pool with the children so we will continue with this teaching method to ensure swimmer safety and confidence.  Every attempt will be made to social distance using swim aides, woggles etc but we will of course intervene without hesitation should the child require assistance.
  • All sessions – Our groups sizes are in line with Swim England guidance. However, we are also considering splitting the larger classes in two (swimming alternately in the lane) to reduce the time all swimmers are together
  • Moving Up – No swimmers will move up during swimming lessons. Swimming groups will be monitored and adjusted (if appropriate) every 2 weeks to ensure swim “bubbles” are consistent and to allow for the recommended 2-week quarantine period
  • Spectators – In line with social distancing guidance, Learn To Swim spectators are limited to one per family plus siblings. Social distancing must always be respected and family “bubbles” must remain seated together for the entire session. You may wear a mask if you wish to.

Junior Squad & Squad:

  • Lanes – Mark & Lewis (Depending on the session) will place people into lanes before the first session back. No swimmers will move lanes during swimming sessions. Lane groupings will be monitored and adjusted (if appropriate) every 2 weeks to ensure swim “bubbles” are consistent and to allow for the recommended 2-week quarantine period
  • In the event of a swimmer not complying with the behaviour expectations outlined in the Code of Conduct, they will be asked to leave the pool and end the session early
  • Lanes – Each lane will start at alternate ends
  • Lanes – While swimming you will not be required to social distance. You will however be expected to leave a 1+Metre gap while resting and spread yourselves along the pool.
  • Arrival – You MUST be poolside and stood alone (unless family) 5-10 minutes before your session or you will have to wait outside until the previous session has finished changing. This is to keep the bubbles separate and will not be refunded or adjusted
  • Drinks – We will not be able to refill drinks AT ALL. Please make sure you bring a big enough bottle, or 2 smaller bottles
  • Spectators – No spectators will be allowed at these sessions unless the child is 10&U. If parents prefer to go home and return at the end of the session, please ensure the club has up to date contact details in the case of an emergency
  • Property lockers – No lockers are to be used. All clothing must be kept in the swimmer’s swim bag and stored at the side of the pool, 2 metres apart from other swim bags 
  • Equipment – You can use our equipment, but you must not mix it with others during the session. Please keep track of where you put yours. Please ensure all personal equipment is named
  • Any swimmers arriving late to their session on Tuesdays and Thursdays must wait outside until all swimmers from the earlier session have left the premises

Entering & Leaving Summary:

  • Every session will enter through the family changing room (which will have the cubicles locked)
  • Swimmers & parents must exit through the spectator walkthrough to the side and not exit through the changing room doors
  • Junior Squad & Squad swimmers will arrive swim ready and must undress on poolside while the previous session is still on so that they are ready to swim before the previous swimmers exit the pool

See below a list of forms that need to be completed by yourself for all active members of the club and these will be listed below in a checklist style.

It is extremely important all areas are completed before our planned return date of 08/09/2020 as failure to do so will mean we need to turn swimmers away.

  1. GoCardless: During the break we have been cancelling all payments. From September payments will be taken, if you have cancelled your direct debit you must set this up now. Also if you would like to change your bank details then please do so before September. You can go ahead and do it with this link: GoCardless Setup – Click Here
  2. Membership Agreements: We are using this time to promote our updated membership agreements that many of you have not signed for many years. Please take time with your swimmers that they understand these and agree. Membership Agreements – Click Here
  3. Pre- Training Covid-19 Health Screen: This is a Swim England document that needs to be completed by all members before they can swim. Please complete it separately for each individual swimmer. Covid-19 Health Screen – Click Here

To clarify, all these tasks need to be completed before September. As you know we are all volunteers here and therefore may not be able to individually approach people if certain elements haven’t been signed. We do not want to turn people away after 5 months of no swimming so everyone’s help here would be appreciated.

We know none of this is ideal, but these are government guidelines that we must abide by to be able to welcome swimmers back. If you have any questions about returning to swimming, then please do not hesitate in contacting myself at

Thank you, Lewis