May Return Email

Welcome to Burnham-on-Sea Swimming Club. Scroll down to see what's happening!

We are back!

After 6 months out of the water we have now received the all clear after our squad trial from Brean Splash to return all classes from May 4th. There will however be some changes.

I will start with the big change. We have been asked to move our Thursday slot from 7PM-9PM to the earlier 6.30PM – 8.30PM.

I know for A LOT of you this will be welcome news based on feedback we receive but we realise this could cause issues for some. If you are not able to make the new session time, then please reply to me here and I will work with you to make any necessary changes.

Summary on Times


6.30PM-7PM Learn to Swim (No Change)

7PM-8PM Junior Squad (No Change)

8PM-9PM Squad (No Change)


 6.30PM-7.30PM Squad (No Change)


6.30PM-7PM Learn to Swim (Changed from 7PM-7.30PM)

7PM-7.30PM Learn to Swim (Changed from 7.30PM-8PM)

6.30PM-7.30PM Junior Squad (Changed from 7PM-8PM)

7.30PM-8.30PM Squad (Changed from 8PM-9PM)

Other Changes

Luckily, most of what we put in place before is still valid and will be followed. The two main changes are:

  1. Face masks for parents on poolside will now need to be worn. We will still have the one parent per family on our Learn to Swim and no medical exemptions will be valid. You can obviously come in and drop your child off and wait outside and return at the end of session if you prefer this to wearing a mask. It will be at the volunteers and teacher’s discretion if they wish to wear one while teaching.
  2. Track and Test must be completed on entering the building through the app or a physical form completed. All over 16s (including swimmers) must do this. We will have a committee member in reception or waiting on poolside to assist with this if needed.

These are the measurers we have been asked to follow, and we must all as a club follow them or risk our swimming being suspended again. Hopefully with the government roadmap all restrictions will soon be eased.


As previously discussed, no monthly fees will be charged for the month of May. However, we will schedule your yearly ASA fees that are normally taken in February to be taken on the 10th of May. If you wish to have this split up due to larger families then please email me. The fee for everyone will be £18. If you are normally CAT2 then we will speak to you individually about when we move you back up.

We have already paid these fees to the ASA for you at a cost of over £2500 so it is especially important that every effort is made to complete this payment.


We have a fantastic team of volunteers, but we desperately need adults willing to step up and help. Whether it is going in to help the Learn to Swim or standing poolside giving them instructions off the board, everyone starts somewhere and you will be supported fully.

Did you know that in May our swimmers doing 2 Learn to Swim sessions a week will only equate to paying £2 per session? We are desperate to keep swimming affordable for everyone in the community, but this can only be done if people keep volunteering. If you are interested, then please contact me and I will sort out what works best for you.


As we get ready to return it is very important we have up to date contact phone numbers and email addresses. If you think any of this might have changed then please let us know. Also, for receiving information the quickest way is through WhatsApp. You can join using this link  – Only the admins can send messages on there with information, but you can also use it to contact myself, Mark, Kelly or Sally privately.

We cannot wait to have you all back next week! But as last time, please bear with us. We did a successful launch last time, and we have no doubt we can make this return a success too.

See you all next week!