The Committee

Welcome to Burnham-on-Sea Swimming Club

Chair – Sally Jeffries

I have been involved with BoSSC for nearly 20 years, when Lewis joined as a 7-year-old. Sitting and watching did not last long as I was quickly recruited to help poolside. Enjoying this, I gained a qualification and have been poolside ever since. Lewis was joined by his younger brother Alex, both of whom swam Four Seasons, Winter Series and Cotswold League, amongst others, and so organising swimmers at the deep end blocks became my home in many galas. I have been a committee member for quite a few years and this led to me being Chair of BoSSC, I think that the amount of time I have been involved shows what a great club it is.

Interesting fact: I have done a 15,000 feet sky dive, and going up was much scarier than coming down!

Secretary – Kelly Podbury

I joined the team when I moved to Burnham after meeting and marrying Mark in 2006.  I have always been a swimmer and loved the sport, my Dad taught me to swim when we lived in Singapore, when I was 18 months old I was jumping off a 10m diving platform, wouldn’t catch me doing that now!  I learnt to teach swimming in 1991 whilst on a my PT course in the Royal Navy and have been teaching and loving it since. One of my biggest strengths is my organisation and communications ability so when I was asked to become secretary I jumped at the chance.  I love seeing the little ones learn to swim and progress all the way through the club, there is no better sport in my opinion.

Interesting fact: I ran up Mount Vesuvius in 1989, it was blooming hard work!

Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Volunteer Co-Ordinator, Assistant Coach – Lewis Plume

I have been swimming forever and 2020 marked my 20th year at BOSSC. My time at the club has always been a positive one and when I became old enough to volunteer I jumped at the chance to teach. A couple of years after that the role of a new treasurer was required and I decided to give it a go. I’m especially proud of helping guide the club through some massive changes such as the 100% move to the direct debit system and reorganization of our processes. I continue to swim for the club to this day with my other duties and probably will until they finally kick me out or my daughter beats me at frontcrawl.

Interesting fact: I went on 3 German exchanges while at school and am still in contact with one & he came to my wedding!

Welfare Officer – Rachael Taylor

I have been a parent at BOSSC for approximately 14 years now, when my daughter joined the club. She has since gone on to be a young volunteer and teach the ‘Learn to swim’. My son has also been swimming with the club for about 6 years, that’s a lot of evenings that I have spent poolside watching!!
For a few months back in 2018 I had the good fortune to work with the club secretary Kelly who quickly spotted an opportunity to recruit me for the committee, the club has had such a positive effect on both my children so this seemed the perfect way for me to give something back to the club.
Soon after joining the committee the Welfare officer post became vacant, I offered myself for the position and am enjoying the responsibility that comes with the role. You will find me poolside most evenings when shifts permit.

Interesting fact: I used to live in the Rocky Mountains in Canada. I’ve ridden a horse in the Caribbean Sea, they love swimming!! I made it into the final 8 for Miss Bristol.

If you wish to contact the Welfare Officer please email

Head Coach, Vice Chair – Mark Podbury

I have been involved with the swimming club since it started in 1974, my Dad with 2 others started the club at Burnham Swimming Pool. As a swimmer I went on to do the counties in 1978 and then passed my Club Instructor exam. After 35 years in the Royal Navy I came back to the club and became Head Coach after passing my L2 coach exam. I am also a L2 Teacher/Judge and Open Water Judge!

Interesting fact: in the Somerset County champs in 1978 my 100m BR was swam against Duncan Goodhew, who went on to be Olympic Champion.

Parent Rep (Deputy Covid-19 Lead) – Zoe Payne

I have two sons who both swim at BOSSC. I became involved with the committee when I learnt that the club was run solely by volunteers – I wanted to give back to the club as the impact it had had on my eldest son’s self-confidence was incredible. Although I don’t have a background in swimming, I am really enjoying learning about the sport and I am proud to be part of a club which is forward-thinking, inclusive and an important part of the local community.

Interesting fact: I learnt to swim late (aged 11), so I was determined my children would be better at swimming than me!

Parent Rep (Covid-19 Lead) – Oriole Harris

I first became involved with BOS swimming club many years ago as a child.  I have many fond memories of being part of the squad and am still friends with people I met through swimming way back then! I am now involved because my children attend the club.  Everyone is a volunteer and that is what makes it special.  I want to do my bit so joined the committee.

Interesting fact: I have never come across anyone with the same name as me…

Parent Rep – Chris Lemin

Information incoming


Webmaster, Assistant Coach – Chris Wood

Having been with Burnham since I was about 10, I have always loved my experience at the club, so much so that I commuted from my uni in Kent to continue swimming at galas. After finishing my degree in Computing and speaking to Lewis about the Webmaster role, I decided to put it to good use and take over the role. In my short time as Webmaster I have revamped the website and introduced a Swim Lookup giving all the swimmers a chance to view their PB’s in one central place. There is still lots to do and I look forward to the technological advances that are in store for the clubs future, as they say the sky’s the limit!

Favourite Quote: Hello IT! Have you tried turning it off and on again?

Interesting Fact: As a developer I have released two apps onto Apple’s App Store, which have sold in over 20 countries around the world and one has been Top 30 in the Weather App Charts.

If you wish to contact the Webmaster please email

Parent Rep – Lisa Lodge

Until my daughter joined the club I had no idea about galas. Nor did I realise that the club is run solely by volunteers. I was asked to help out at a gala as a Team Manager & have been doing it ever since. I am rubbish at swimming but helping poolside with hats, nerves & organising I can do (even I do still have to write down the IM order!) joining the committee felt like a natural step.

Interesting Fact: I’ve never watched Star Wars! Maybe it’s because when I met Darth Vader & he picked me by my bunches!